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How to save money when getting a divorce.

Divorce Planning: The Secret to Saving a Ton of Money When Getting Divorced

Yes, “divorce planning” and “saving money” can go together if you know what you’re doing. If you are getting divorced, chances are money is near the top of your list of ...

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Businessman and a businesswoman sitting back to back

Before You Take Your Spouse to Court, Consider the Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation

Did you know there’s more than one way to get a divorce?  Forget, for a moment, the heated courtroom battle scenes in Hollywood blockbuster movies, and consider a different option.  ...

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Speed Divorcing brought to you by Divorce Money Matters

Get The Answers You Need To Be Smart From The Start

You've heard of Speed Networking and Speed Dating ... now there's Speed Divorcing!   While we’ve put a spin on an old concept – imagine speed networking among divorce professionals – rest assured, this is ...

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Divorce Money Matters

The Gray Divorce Revolution

The Gray Divorce Revolution Research from the last two decades shows that divorce overall is on the decline, except for those among the baby-boomers generation.  This trend has been dubbed, “The ...

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