Please Listen To A Special Message on the Divorce Help and Hope Fair
from your Sponsor Lisa C Decker

Thank You for listening and hope to see you at the
Divorce Help and Hope Fair.

Q: I don’t want to get divorced, but my spouse does. Why should I come to this event?

A: We understand your situation and hope that you are able to get the support you need to save your marriage. Please understand that the Fair Organizer, Sponsors and Exhibitors are not advocates of divorce and would rather see happy, healthy families than divorcing situations, but we also know that if one party wants to divorce, the other may not be able to stop that from happening, and so it is in your best interests to understand what may lie ahead of you.

Also know that your attendance at this event will not push you toward or commit you to divorce. We will have a seminar regarding saving your marriage as well as marriage counselors and therapists among our fine exhibitors. Do keep in mind that in the unfortunate circumstances that your spouse goes forward with divorce, you want to make sure you are informed so you get your fair share. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to matters of divorce. I’m Ready to Take Charge of My Future.


Q: My spouse takes care of all our finances. I don’t know about what assets or liabilities we have or what our budget looks like. I don’t know where to even begin to find out what we have and my spouse is not being cooperative in sharing this information. Will attending the event still help me?

A: Yes, it absolutely will. Understand that this is typical for the spouse who does not handle the family finances. If this describes you then it is even more imperative that you have guidance on what you will need to gather and where to begin finding that information. We will have various seminars and workshops to help guide you in the legal and money matters of your divorce and you’ll leave the event knowing where to begin, what comes next and the options available to you, so that you get a fair settlement and start over in the best light possible. I Want Guidance and Information.


Q: My spouse and I are trying to be cooperative and civil in working through our divorce. We want to file the paperwork ourselves. Can we attend this event together and will there be resources available to find out more about this option?

A: Couples are invited and welcomed to attend. What you are referring to is called Pro Se, better known as Do-It-Yourself divorce, which more and more people are attempting every day, though some with better results than others. Pro Se works best for uncontested divorces with little to no assets or debts and no children involved. Even then it is recommended to have a consult with a family law attorney and a divorce financial planner to make sure you don’t step into any problem areas that you may not be aware of. We will have information on various options to accomplish divorce – with more civilized and amicable methods known as alternative dispute resolution – for you to learn about. You will find a myriad of experts and resources available at the event to turn to with your questions. We Want a Better Way to Divorce.


Q: I’m worried most about my children. Will there be information there to help me help them?

A: We will have a seminar specifically for co-parenting issues and other resources available at the event. We whole-heartedly support child-centered divorce and putting the needs of children at the forefront of every divorce. My Children Deserve the Best Parenting Possible!


Q: I’m right in the middle of my divorce and have so many questions surrounding things like taxes, pensions, QDRO’s, health insurance, life insurance, social security, real estate and credit issues. It feels so overwhelming at times. Will there be any opportunities to ask questions?

A:  Yes, there will be plenty of opportunities.  We’re very excited to share our one-of-a-kind Speed Divorcing Rapid Rounds™ with you.  These fast-paced roundtables will allow you to pose your questions to a great variety of experts as you move thru the various stations in the room.  You’ll also have opportunities to listen and learn from others.  In addition, our speakers will have time for questions at the end of their workshops and you can catch them throughout the day at their exhibition tables.  I Want Answers to My Questions Now.


Q: I see several seminars I would like to attend. Are the seats limited at each?

A: There are space limitations within the individual rooms and while we will do our best to accommodate everyone who wishes to attend each individual seminar, we cannot guarantee there will be space available. Once the room has reached capacity there will be no further admittance so we highly recommend you get to each session early to secure your seat. Secure My Spot Now!


Q: I don’t want anything to appear on my charge statement with the word “divorce”. How can I pay for my ticket without that happening?

A: Rest assured your purchase transaction will be private, secure, and discreet. The word “divorce” will never appear and the only thing that will show up on your credit card statement is D.F.I., LLC. (Note: If this is a concern for you, don’t purchase this through a JOINT PayPal account as Divorce Financial Insight, LLC will show from inside the PayPal account. We recommend setting up your own private account if necessary.)

You may be able to purchase tickets at the door if there are any still available . However, seating is limited and we cannot guarantee there will be tickets still available on the day of the event. We suggest you get your tickets early to secure your seat.  I Don’t Want to Miss Out! 


We hope you’ll join us for a day filled with help and hope for you and your family’s future. Get your ticket here:  www.DivorceHelpandHope.com/tickets