Divorce Disaster Stories

Divorce town usa divorce disaster stories.

Do You Have a Divorce Disaster Story?

We are preparing a series to promote better divorce practices that help folks understand the inherent problems so they can save money, sanity and their families from much of the trauma and drama that is associated with divorce.

Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. And divorce situations range from the simple to the ridiculous. In some cases it’s just hurtful, painful, costly and sometimes when children are involved, it’s very sad.  Yet all too often those contemplating a divorce or going through a divorce, just want to avoid the situation all together or worst, you want to rush through the process and just get it over with.

While it’s very understandable because divorce can be a disaster and who wants to live in a troubling situation. However  quickly going your  separate ways without crunching the numbers to see how the divorce will affect you and your love ones, five, ten, or even twenty years down the road can hurt even more.

What’s your divorce disaster story?

Many of you have experience this and or know someone who has. You may have helped someone in your  role as a provider of divorce services. Either way, we would love to hear your story and maybe you can help just one person elude your divorce disaster situation.

Can you share your divorce disaster and hopefully help others avoid a divorce disaster?


Please feel free to share your divorce disaster story in one of the two categories below.

divorcetownusa.com disaster stories


We are seeking stories, anecdotes and survival tips from individuals who have lived through “divorce disasters” and “divorce gone wild” situations that have impacted your life to help improve the lives of others.



divorcetownusa.com disaster stories


We are seeking stories and anecdotes from professional service providers on “divorce disasters” and “divorce gone wild” situations that you have personally witnessed or helped clients avoid. Also seeking short snippets of “divorce survival tips.”












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